About Houston

Welcome to Houston — A Global City With a Down-Home Feel

Diverse. Vibrant. Culturally rich. Unrivaled cuisine. There are endless ways to describe the Space City. Houston offers a variety of opportunities for world-class arts, booming industry, education, technology and research, professional sports and an award-winning food scene. Central to all of it — both in physical proximity and city progress — is Rice University.

Houston at a Glance

  • Home to 24 Fortune 500 Companies
  • More than 7 million residents in the Greater Houston Area
  • Largest medical center in the world
  • Fourth-largest museum district in the country
  • In excess of 55,000 acres of city green space
  • Dining scene made up of 10,000 restaurants
  • Six professional sports teams
  • 145 different languages spoken

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A Diverse Community

The most diverse city, Houston is one of the youngest and fastest-growing cities in the nation — one with no ethnic majority, where nearly one-in-four residents are foreign-born and more than 145 languages are spoken. A true cultural mosaic, Houston boasts restaurants, shops, neighborhoods and festivals that reflect its many global influences.

A Cultural Capital

Houston is home to one of the largest collections of top-rated museums in the nation, centered around the 19 institutions in the Houston Museum District, and adjacent to the Rice campus. There you’ll find the campus of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and its collection of more than 70,000 works of art as well as the Houston Museum of Natural Science with its expansive paleontology hall and large collection of Egyptian mummies. Head downtown to the Theater District for performances from the city’s five resident performing arts companies as well as a never-ending array of Broadway and other traveling shows.

A Global City

In addition to our diversity as a community, Houston offers a well-developed suite of key global industries — including energy, life science, manufacturing, logistics and aerospace. Rice has many historical and modern ties to NASA. Rice began its first research collaborations with NASA in 1959, just months after the agency was founded. In 1962, as part of Rice’s semicentennial celebrations, then president John F. Kennedy spoke at Rice Stadium, challenging the United States to become “the world’s greatest space-faring nation.”

Houston is becoming a hotbed of rapid technological development thanks to our access to customers and expertise. Rice is proud to be at the center of the new economy. The Ion, the centerpiece of a Houston innovation district that Rice is involved in, aims to increase the diversification and resiliency of the regional economy by creating an urban, pedestrian-focused, mixed-use space that embraces technology, community and sustainability.

A thriving international city, Houston’s ties stretch to all corners of the world. The region’s geographic location makes it easy to move both goods and people around the globe. With one of the largest ports in the country and two international airports, Houston connects companies to the world.